Electrical expertise for your peace of mind

  • AC/DC system repair and installation or problem solving
  • Cathodic bonding testing & repairs
  • New equipment installation
  • Ultrasonic anti-fouling systems
  • DVK gas and fume monitors, installation and repair

Cathodic Protection – corrosion control that works

AJW Shipwright and Marine are suppliers and installers for MPS products – cathodic bonding corrosion control upgrades testing & repairs

Utilising cathodic protection principals coupled with an innovative approach, MPS are the market leaders in anode technology and education. MPS continued to innovate and educate the market on cathodic protection and corrosion protection in an ever-changing marine world.

AJW Shipwright offer a cathodic bonding test using specialised equipment, you can book an in water test with us today.  We can repair or upgrade your existing bonding or you can purchase anodes, electrolysis blockers, shaft straps, earth plates and other products through us. Be sure to protect your investment, don’t allow a stray current from your neighbouring boat or from the dock effect your boat.  We can easily check the viability of your bonding system with your boat in the water. For more information check out the detailed brochure on identifying corrosion  Identifying corrosion

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