The mobile safe and proven diesel bug removal fuel cleaning treatment

This system can remove the diesel bug, water and debris from your fuel.  We can treat your boat in the pen or marina with our mobile unit enabling you ease of access.  The centrifuge system treats up to 100 ltrs per hour of contaminated fuel.  We have all the safety equipment and are experienced marine technicians for the removal of diesel bug and fuel cleaning. Don’t lose your diesel… clean it and re-use it for a fraction of the cost of re-purchasing new fuel.

The Centrifuge treatment system

The treatment process removes the diesel bug in your fuel and also removes all the water and debris.

There is no requirement to access the inside of your tanks. However your tanks need to be full of fuel. Diesel bug removal and fuel cleaning is an excellent way to treat your fuel. Our system will remove water and debris, therefore reducing the risk of further maintenance.

By removing water from the fuel the bug is unable to grow.  Atomised water is a major contributing factor to engine fuel system failure therefore causing costly engine repairs.

For a proven service, phone us for a quote today and save yourself money, time and the hassle of dealing with dirty fuel. We travel to all metropolitan marinas.

In conclusion take the stress out of dealing with the fuel and let us take care of it for you enabling you to enjoy your boat.

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