Bote Cote Epoxy products

Bote Cote product range below, for all product sales in Perth contact AJW Shipwright & Marine. We hold various sizes of each product and can order large commercial quantities on request. Please read the Information sheets below for further and technical product information.

BOTE COTE is Australian made, a quality product that we use in all our boat repairs in the workshop.  These products as successfully used in home, craft and building situations.   Please enquire for further information on (08) 94184402

Our Range

  • Epoxy Resin – with non yellowing hardener

  • Epoxy Resin – with standard hardener
  • Epoxy Resin – with fast hardener
  • Bote Cote Timber Preservative and Reactive Dilutent Agent (TPRDA)
  • Epox E Glue Bote Cote Kit 1:1 Ratio (now comes in Black)
  • Luci Clear – high gloss
  • Pour on Gloss – self leveling high gloss 2 part plastic resin
  • Aquacoat Marine Paint Top Coat – water based (2 pack)
  • Bote Cote Epoxy Accelerator
  • Feronite Rusty Metal Prime
  • Bote Cote Fillet and Glue Filler Powder
  • Bote Cote Sanding filler, lightweight filler, waterproof filler


BOTE COTE tips – utube video

200 – Why Bote-Cote

200 – Glue Guide
100 – A Safer Way to Work
200 – Pour On Gloss A4 Brochure JULY 10
200 – EpoxEGlueVersatile Kit-DMS
200 – Clear System A4 Brochure
100 – ROT
100 – PURBOND Tips Sheet 0714
100 – Aquacote replacement for varnish and estapol

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